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2021 Winter Bible Class
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Our NEXT Bible Study Conference Call
will be on TUESDAYS at 7:30pm

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The Psalter ought to be a precious and beloved book, if for no other reason than this: it promises Christ’s death and resurrection so clearly—and pictures his kingdom and the condition and nature of all Christendom—that it might well be called a little Bible. In it is comprehended most beautifully and briefly everything that is in the entire Bible.
Our focus is on “The Messianic Psalms”.  If we venture outside of this category we will still be asking the most central question Christians apply to all of Scripture.  “What is revealed to us concerning the Christ in this passage of Scripture?”

TUESDAY March 2nd 2021

This Tuesday  we will take up discussion questions based on the readings, reflections and prayers used at Mid-Week Ash Worship service
“Scriptural Stations of the Cross”
Participants are encouraged to attend
(“in church”, or
view the front page of a our web site)

Assigned viewing of video on main web page dated


1. What difference does Jesus’ journey to the cross make in our lives?

2. What does “the Gospel” motivate us to do as we contemplate the Third and Fourth Stations of the cross?

3. What sorts of legal matters are dealt with in Night Court in Ontario?

4. What is strange about the picture at 5:32 in the video?

5. How does Jesus answer the question of the High Priest “Are You the Messiah”?

6. Why did Peter’s speech “betray him”?

7. How might we betray the Christ or deny Him in our daily lives?

8. Peter denied Jesus three times.  How did Jesus respond in his post-resurrection appearance to him?


TUESDAY February 23rd 2021

Assigned viewing of video on main web page dated

TUESDAY February 16th 2021

Assigned Reading this week: Psalm 2

TUESDAY February 9th 2021

Assigned Reading this week: Psalm 16

 We are studying psalm 16 which covers the
topic of Christ's resurrection and descent into hell.
 Where exactly did Jesus go before rising again from the dead.
 What is "Sheol"?
 We take an interest in Our Lord's resurrection because
our own resurrection follows his.
 Instructions for how to connect to the study
were sent out with the update Saturday Feb 6th.
  Printed copies are available at church.

TUESDAY February 2nd 2021

Assigned Reading this week: Psalm 22

TUESDAY January 26th 2021

Assigned Reading this week: Psalm 51

TUESDAY January 19th 2021

Assigned Reading this week: Psalm 8

We are starting a series entitled “Christ in the Psalms”. 
This week, after a bit of introduction we will read and study psalm 8.
  For this first session Pastor will only ask that you read
and meditate on Psalm 8. 
It may be helpful for you to do so in different translations
and even different languages which you may be proficient in.


Fall 2020 Bible Class

TUESDAY November 24th 2020

Assigned Reading this week: Mark 15; Study Guide Page 17-18

TUESDAY November 17th 2020

Assigned Reading this week: Mark 14; Study Guide Page 16-17

TUESDAY November 10th 2020

Assigned Reading this week: Mark 13; Study Guide Page 15

TUESDAY November 3rd 2020

Assigned Reading this week: Mark 11-12; Study Guide Page 14

TUESDAY October 27th 2020
Assigned Reading this week: Mark 9-10; Study Guide Page 12-13

TUESDAY October 20th 2020
Assigned Reading this week: Mark 7-9; Study Guide Page 10 to 12

TUESDAY October 13th 2020
Assigned Reading this week: Mark 4-6; Study Guide Page 8 to 10

TUESDAY October 6th 2020
Assigned Reading this week: Mark 1-3; Study Guide Page 3 to 6

Mark appeals to his readership of action orientated, ‘get to the point’ Romans. Jesus is seen as He is. The Saviour of the world with a sense of urgency to march to the cross to accomplish our salvation. The pace of the study is quick. The 7 week commitment is manageable. When you finish there is a sense of accomplishment.

Get the study guide by pressing this.

The study class participants are encouraged to have read the assigned readings for the week jotting down their own questions and observations prepared to share them with the group.